Polstar Technologies Inc


Optimum routing

Character of Heavy Vehicle are all considered

Freight vehicle collisions with bridges and signs have become a common occurrence around the world. Polstar have a solution for that –“Polnav Truck”, it considers vehicle dimensions, weight, length and goods loaded to offer a suitable and safe route for users.

For those unavoidable dangerous conditions, early warnings will be provided to avoid any accident. No more need to worry when driving heavy vehicles, delivery trucks or camping cars.

Voice Guidanceļ¼
Crystal clear voice with multiple languages provide
Turn-by-turn Voice Instructions
Get distracted checking maps over and over again? Polnav could be a really useful company- especially a good local guide, who tells you vocally and patiently where the right direction is.

Driving Guidance-
The most reliable instructions

First, Highway Exit Assistant
When driving on the highway, Polnav will list the nearby exit ramps and rest stops. Drivers will not miss any single exit and thus arrive their destination more smoothly.

Second Instruction, Lane Marking
When driving on the multi-lane, Polnav will display arrows to instruct you the right direction to the appropriate lane. This prevents you from missing the turning lane or getting into the wrong one carelessly.

Junction View-
Reliable instruction with realistic junction image
When driving in a complex junction, Polnav will display the realistic junction image on the full map or split screen automatically while you are moving toward the highway exit and intersection. This function can be shown in either daytime or nighttime mode.

Speed Limit Alert & Speed Camera Alert - Never worry about getting a speeding ticket
Speed Limit Alert
Not intended to be a drag racer, but always driving too fast incautiously? Oops, but no worries anymore. Polnav will remind automatically when you are driving over the speed limit to ensure your safety.

Speed Camera Alert
Polnav knows all the fixed speed cameras. When moving towards a speed camera, Polnav will inform the driver by a voice alert. Also, the speed limit and the remaining distance towards the camera will both be displayed in order to prevent the driver from getting a speed ticket.



Truck Demonstration Video