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Kenworth Zero Emission Cargo Transport (ZECT)

This Kenworth T680 daycab uses lithium-ion batteries to power a dual-rotor electric motor, driving the rear tandem axle through a 4-speed automated transmission. The batteries are recharged by the fuel cell – in this case hydrogen – to provide sufficient range for a full day in regional haul applications with zero emissions.

what happens when these tires fail?

All tires can fail if not properly inspected and maintained, even the new “super singles.” And they will fail. It’s not a question of if, but when. This is one of the “problems” highlighted by going from two wheels to one. When the inevitable “blowout” occurs, those semi-trucks with the new configuration will no longer…
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Beware of Over Inflating your Truck Tires

Fellow Truckers be careful!! when you change  a tire because they can explode if they're over inflated by error it  can kill you while pumping so before doing any thing with trucks tires please keep safety first, please take this video for learning tools avoiding an accident or better call the Experts and let them do their job for you.