If you have a trucking company and you are experiencing problems…..

If you have a trucking company and  you are experiencing problems with your driver, take the time to read this article

Greetings to all in the transportation industry. I'm Gilberto Garcia, I've decided to bring up a delicate topic in our industry that perhaps you may have been reluctant to address. I write this article to give you ideas and tips to make different areas easily approachable.

  1. You hired a new driver and he does not produce enough business for you?
  2. Does your driver submit incomplete or wrongly filled out log books, mileage and expense reports?
  3. Does your driver complaint that you don't pay him enough?
  4. Do you think that your driver wastes more diesel than he should?
  5. Does your driver add more mileage because his/her calculations are incorrect?
  6. Does your driver tell you that he/she did not arrive on time, tells you a lie and then you find out the truth?
  7. Does your driver fail to call when he/he is suppose to and you begin to panic because you do not know the containers location?
  8. Did your driver receive a citation at the weight station and did not disclose the reason why?
  9. Does your driver fail to mention mechanical issues with the truck and then while en route the truck breaks down - as a result the mechanic fees are more than they would have been?
  10. Does your driver withdraw more money that he should from his expense only card and uses it for personal items and you can barely pay for his/her diesel?
  11. Does your driver give you proof of receipt without a signature?
  12. Did you receive a well-paid order to deliver and your driver does not want to drive?
  13. Do you feel that your driver knows more than you?
  14. Does your driver want to get paid in cash?
  15. Does your driver want to sue you?

I mentioned 15 questions as to why you could possibly have problems with your driver. Now, Lets analyze  the core of the situation. It would be very easy to place blame on your driver A lot of times its the owners fault because they go into an unknown field. The owner comes into money, buys a truck and hires a driver. Therefore, it will be very easy in this situation for problems to arise.

You can easily make an appointment with

me to help you and try to decipher why you have so many problems with your driver. First and foremost based on experience I will give you constructive criticism.

I will teach you different areas that you need to know before hiring a driver and what their capabilities and expectations are.

I will examine you and you will tell me your capabilities for dealing with problems that are known and I will tell you your requirements to keep in your records when hiring a driver. I will help you understand the culture of a broker, company, dispatcher, and driver. We will discuss 3 different periods. Past. Present. And the future.

Give yourself the opportunity to educate yourself in this industry. Act now. You can count on me and Truck Club Magazine since we are providing you with information to help you. Remember that your driver is a great asset for your business as long as you know how to direct him/her for both of you to make a profit. It is easy to fill out paper work and work behind a desk but it is not as easy to direct your driver.

I assure you that if you were a driver before becoming an owner you will understand easily and effectively. But if you have never been a driver, only an owner, then more than likely you will require and benefit from the information of this industry of transportation.

As you can see there is a lot of information to put in one edition, therefore the information will be appear in the upcoming editions. I will leave you with these questions in thought on how you can improve your business.


The following words of encouragement

If you feel that you know everything then you don't need to learn anymore. Remember reading more is not to learn more, but to ignore less. Maintain yourself humble and give yourself the opportunity to accept how much you know. Learn to ask without fear. Not all see the beauty of this business, because it is easier to be negative, than positive.

I ask myself if you have contact with anyone in this industry that has a positive influence in you? Learn from them. If you don't have anyone. I am here to help you to see this business in an intelligent manner.

Lastly, if you keep doing the same, you will continue getting the same results. Make a change. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Thank you for reading this article. Best regards.

If you happen to have any question or if you need any assistance in your business please contact me, Gilberto Garcia Tel: (562) 314-5399



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