What budget and goals do you have for your transportation business?

Hello dear friend.

Carriers, with a cordial greeting, I wrote this article in an effort that you will hopefully benefit from its contents.

Unfortunately there is no school that teaches new or older drivers or owners to learn this industry; everything that we know comes from gossip or casual conversation with people that generally converse about personal experiences, but not a formal education. We believe that we are adults, and we believe that no one should tell us how to do our job. And for this simple reason we do things with no base or experience. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has on their website all of the pre-requisite and laws to follow regulations of transportation. There's excellent information on their website, but that's it.

For example, there is a particular case in which an owner operator who purchases a trailer. He worked a lot as a driver to become his own boss. He does what he is told by advice that he gathers from a-friend-of-a-friend. He is told that the friend knows someone, who knows someone that sells trailers, he goes and the  seller offers to get him the license plates that he needs. But how does the seller know exactly what state plates he needs? On the other hand, he wants to work, but can't because he does not have the required permits and insurance and another friend-of-a-friend takes him to go work for a company that provides him with everything that he needs to work, but the result is that he is not making enough money and the bad thing is that he has to stay there because the company invested in the permits and insurance and he is not able to become an independent driver. Fear is what makes us, not want to learn. Everything seems easy in thought until we really put some thought into it and start to think of how expensive, the insurance and permits will cost, and then no one wants to deal with the CHP or USDOT. And why? Because we lack educating.

A few of you will remember going through this process and think that you are better off now, but in reality, you just have more experience now. However, you are not completely informed. I will now ask you a few questions.

  1. We're in the New Year. Do you have a written down goal to check on a monthly basis?
  2. Do you know what you need to have written down for this goal?
  3. Do you know how often you will have to travel in order to exceed last year's income?
  4. Do you have the oil service changed already scheduled for your truck?
  5. Do you have in your agenda the reports for IFTA, New Mexico, ect.
  6. D you know how much you will pay yourself as an owner operator?
  7. Do you know exactly why and the how of how your permits work?

Well these are some example questions. If you want a personal assessment you may call 562-314-5399 - Gilberto Garcia

My humble recommendations are that you are a cautious driver, courteous, friendly, professional, organized, clean, punctual, ready, responsible, your method is free.

On the contrary and that can jeopardize you if you do not accept that you need to educate yourself and be conscious that you need to keep learning and get better with daily practice in your business. Motivation, if you don't know, is to ask. Because the one that asks gets the information and with that information, you have knowledge and with knowledge, you have power. So cheer up for this year 2017. I Gilberto Garcia am cooperating with this magnificent magazine, Truck Club to help you obtain valuable information.

Well companions, until next time! Please continue reading Truck Club Magazine.




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