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what happens when these tires fail?

All tires can fail if not properly inspected and maintained, even the new “super singles.” And they will fail. It’s not a question of if, but when. This is one of the “problems” highlighted by going from two wheels to one. When the inevitable “blowout” occurs, those semi-trucks with the new configuration will no longer…
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Strategies to reduce DPF downtime

When they were first deployed, they were supposed to be a hands-off, self-maintaining component that would look after itself behind the scenes with some simple cleaning procedure required sometime in the future. Things that will wreck your DPF: Power Take-Off (PTO): If your truck spends any time in PTO, like many of you guys do,…
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A Semi Truck Preventive Maintenance Program Is Needed !

A Preventive Maintenance Program Helps to: • Save fuel costs! • Maximize truck performance! • Maximize engine life! • Reduce downtime! Follow these practices to improve operational effi ciency: • Newer heavy duty diesel vehicles have undergone tremendous advances in technology. Diesel vehicle technicians and drivers should understand how these changes affect their vehicle operation.…
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