A Semi Truck Preventive Maintenance Program Is Needed !

A Preventive Maintenance Program Helps to:

• Save fuel costs!

• Maximize truck performance!

• Maximize engine life!

• Reduce downtime!

Follow these practices to improve operational effi ciency: • Newer heavy duty diesel vehicles have undergone tremendous advances in technology.

Diesel vehicle technicians and drivers should understand how these changes affect their vehicle operation. For example, diesel engines sold since 2007 achieve greater than 98 percent reduction in soot emissions with diesel particulate fi lters (DPFs) and computer controls. To operate as designed, these newer engines, like all engines, require proper maintenance. • If your truck has a diesel particulate fi lter (DPF), even more attention is required. Protect your investment. A DPF is not a “fi t and forget” device. • Improper care of your engine and DPF can lead to: − Expensive repairs and replacement parts − Voided warranty − Engine malfunction or breakdown − Non-compliance with air pollution laws − Loss of horsepower and eventually a de-rated engine.


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